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Conservation by Re-use

Helping churches acquire surplus and/or redundant bells to be hung for

English-style full-circle bell-ringing.

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St Tudor, Mynyddislwyn

Although the Trust was not involved in the re-locating of the chime of bells formerly hung at St Luke’s, Abercarn, Gwent to Mynyddislwyn, we were asked by the church authorities if we could financially assist the bell-installation project. Mynyddislwyn was one of the many churches that applied for but did not receive a Ringing-in-the-Millennium grant. Bravely they decided to continue with their fund-raising to complete the project.

Although we have few resources and what little we have we tend to direct towards schemes where we are directly involved, our trustees made an exception and awarded a modest grant.

It is a shame that three of the chime were stolen from St Luke’s church before they could be safely removed. New bells have had to be cast to replace them thus increasing the costs of the project.

The ring of eight bells was dedicated during September 2000.