UK Registered Charity Number: 1154107

Conservation by Re-use

Helping churches acquire surplus and/or redundant bells to be hung for

English-style full-circle bell-ringing.

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What will happen now? They will be put into storage, details will be put on our web site and we will wait for enquiries.

How long will this take? Again we don’t know; it could be months but it could be years! On average it is 3-4 years between acquisition and installation. It could be longer;  three bells we acquired during 2000 were installed in a church in February 2015. These bells are quite heavy so the number of churches where they can be installed is quite small so we expect it could take some time.

What will the receiving church pay? We are a non-profit organisation so they will be sold at cost or less than cost price. Where possible we make donations towards projects but this depends on donations made to us.

How do you buy bells? We have a “restricted fund” known as the Bell Rescue Fund. We use this to acquire bells and we are repaid in due course, usually at the time when bells are installed in the destination church.

Do all bells go into churches? We support Ringing Centres and we would consider that an appropriate alternative to a church.

Do you need funds? Like most charities we can make very good use of donations. In fact the acquisition of these bells means we urgently need to seek out more funds. We are hoping that people will make donations to assist us in our charitable work. Interest-free loans are also welcome.

Prinknash Abbey, Gloucestershire

The Keltek Trust has acquired the chime of eight bells from Prinknash Abbey. The bells had been installed in a temporary structure awaiting installation into the Abbey tower. However it was never built and the bells have not rung out as they were originally intended but hung dead and chimed by hammers.

We are going to ensure that the bells are hung and rung as they were initially intended.

Where are they to be installed? At the moment we don’t know!

Why is that? Very simply churches have to go through a planning process (known as a faculty for Church of England churches) and at best takes several months and can easily be over a year. Consequently church authorities that might have been interested in acquiring the bells had insufficient time to gain approval prior to their auction on 20th May 2015.