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Conservation by Re-use

Helping churches acquire surplus and/or redundant bells to be hung for

English-style full-circle bell-ringing.

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The ninth edition of Dove’s Guide for Church Bell Ringers omitted the section for rings of bells transferred to other churches. We took the opportunity to compile a list of transfers and the major part of the source material was taken from the eighth edition of Dove’s Guide. We are grateful for the help given to us by John Baldwin & Ron Johnston (the compilers of the ninth edition), David Cawley, Chris Pickford, Nick Bowden, Tim Jackson, Mike Chester and many other individuals who provided a wealth of useful information. We are pleased that these sections have been reinstated in subsequent editions of Dove’s Guide. Link to buy Dove’s Guide.

Our transferred rings list is compiled in a different way to Dove’s Guide prior to edition 10 as we have excluded churches where the bells were removed and then recast before being installed elsewhere. We have taken the opportunity to include the dates (year) when bells were removed & installed and also added references to the information. Some of these are The Ringing World (RW) and Ringing Towers (RT). Some information, especially dates are tentative and we welcome corrections and updates. Please email any information to Dave Kelly.

The information may be downloaded from our web site in Excel format.

Transferred rings since 1800 document in: Excel Spreadsheet format.   Updated  01/10/19.   

Chimes converted to rings since 1800 document in: Excel Spreadsheet format. Updated 10/11/19.

Lost rings of 4 or more bells since 1800 document in: Excel Spreadsheet format. Updated 01/10/19.

Lost rings of 3 bells since 1900 document in: Excel Spreadsheet format.  Early draft – more information required! Updated 30/08/19.

The lost rings document excludes churches where a ring of bells has been replaced by a transferred ring. The following document lists churches where the earlier rings have been scrapped or installed for chiming. Excel Spreadsheet format. Updated 17/03/17.  

Ring reductions since 1750 document. (Where the number of bells in the ring has been reduced). Excel Spreadsheet format. Updated 15/09/18.

Chris Pickford’s list of Great Bells of  Britain. Now a Word document.  Updated 14/01/18 (V12).

Mike Chester’s list of Chimes. Excel Spreadsheet format. Please email comments or alterations to Mike Chester. Updated 01/08/18

Files last updated: 10th November 2019

Although these lists are held on our web site, the trustees of the Keltek Trust would like to make it clear that we have been involved in only a handful of the 100+ rings/chimes transferred to other churches.