UK Registered Charity Number: 1154107

Conservation by Re-use

Helping churches acquire surplus and/or redundant bells to be hung for

English-style full-circle bell-ringing.

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9th October 2018: A ring of ten bells is to be installed at the Grote Kerk, Dordrecht.

15th September 2018: A bell ex-Tollard Royal is to become the 3rd of the proposed augmentation to six at Northington, Hampshire.

31st August 2018: The ring of three at Thornton, Leicestershire is to be augmented to five by adding two second-hand bells.

24th August 2018: A small bell to replace a cracked bell in the turret of St John’s church, Hythe, Hampshire.

23rd June 2018: Two bells ex-Garthbrengy to be used in the restoration and augmentation of the unringable four at Combs, Suffolk.

29th May 2018: A ring of eight bells is to be installed at St Patrick’s RC Cathedral, Parramatta, NSW, Australia.

23rd May 2018: A 21cwt Taylor bell ex-St Chad, Burton on Trent to be installed as a Bourdon bell at Rosemeadow, NSW.

23rd April 2018: The former tenor bell from Child Okeford, Dorset to replace the cracked tenor bell at Chilham, Kent.

10th April 2018: A former Low Harrogate, St Mary bell to become the 6th of the proposed replacement 8 at Horbury, W. Yorkshire

27th March 2018: A former Trinity House buoy bell to be installed as the Sanctus at York, St Wilfrid.

26th February 2018: A small bell to be installed for chiming at St Joseph, Tynan, N. Ireland.

26th January 2018: A small bell to be installed for chiming at Tobar Mhuire Monastery, Crossgar, N. Ireland.