UK Registered Charity Number: 1154107

Conservation by Re-use

Helping churches acquire surplus and/or redundant bells to be hung for

English-style full-circle bell-ringing.

Photographs: We do not own the copyright to photographs which are attributed to a person. We do own the copyright to all other photographs. We hold higher resolution originals for the majority of photographs. If you would like a copy of a particular photograph please contact the Trust. You are welcome to use these photographs providing it is not for financial gain and we request that they are attributed to the Keltek Trust. If you wish to use a photograph for which we do not own copyright please contact the Trust as we may be able to arrange this for you.

Articles: e.g. Sound of Bells, Buoy bells etc. You are welcome to quote from the articles but we request that the information is attributed to the Keltek Trust.


Great Bells of Great Britain: the copyright is owned by Chris Pickford.

Chimes: the copyright is owned by Michael Chester.

Transferred rings since 1800, Chimes converted to rings since 1800, Lost rings of 4 or more bells since 1800, Lost rings, Ring reductions since 1750: these spreadsheets have been produced by David Kelly from information supplied by numerous people. You are welcome to use this material but request the source is acknowledged.